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If it fits it ships…..Same day courier

Same Day Courier Same day Service!


Remember the popular FedEx advertisement and promotion that if it fits, it ships for $4. 75 as long as whatever you were shipping could fit in the box they would ship it for you, of course it wasn’t a same day courier service, but it’s an example of how marketing can be used well by courier companies as well others. It also shows how cost effective it can be for the customer.

Well, today, same day courier service has a deal for you. If it fits it ships on the same day. Yes! And unlike the terms and conditionality of the FedEx promotion, there is no complicated catch. There is not even any greatly limiting, specific size or weight restriction on our deal. All the usual rules and stipulations for delivering packages with us apply just the same with no complex tweaks or catches. Simply, provide your details, the address and name of receiver and payment. Thereafter, your package will be well on its way to its destination on the same day. That is the beauty of the same day courier service!

No games or gimmicks. Same day delivery done within the same day. Because that is just who they are, a same day courier. Plus, if you do not require immediate relocation of the package, there are also other delivery time frame options available, often for cheaper prices. Same day couriers do all the work so you do not have to.

What about insurance? Well now you mention it, as part of your same day service each van which is deployed into action comes insured with £10,000 of insurance. So you know you have that added peace of mind as well as the failsafe should you need to go that route.

If you are looking for experienced couriers, you need to seriously consider how experienced a courier company can be. 25 years is no mean feet in the transport industry. So you know that beyond all odds you have a safe, trustworthy and reliable same day courier at your service.

How do you know they have availability? Well with 1300 courier vehicles and nationwide same day delivery, you know they cannot be too far away from reaching you. The time they respond within is usually within only 1 hour. Now that’s impressive!